Tips On Child Photography

Boy in Red...

© 2008 Wazari Wazir | A Portrait of My Son | HaiQal

I’ve been photographing my son for more than two years already, even before my son was born, I’ve done few research on the internet looking for tips and tricks about children photography. In this post I just want to share you just one tips, it’s about clothing, most people doesn’t care so much about clothing but for me, when I want to photograph my son, the clothes that my son will wear for a photo shoot is among my top priority. The clothes can make or break a photograph, I mean the right clothing will make the picture looks more interesting and pleasing to look at.

When I go shopping for my son clothing I will look for something that will look great in a photograph, something that have textured on it, jeans, denim and knitting material will definitely look great. It will add depth to the picture and it helps to make the subject or person stronger compared to thin light material. There are many other tips that will make photographing a children a success but for the time being, I just want to share with you how important is the right clothing is, ever wonder why most children in glossy magazine looks great? Take a look at their clothing, that’s one of the reason why they look presentable and adorable.

About The Color Tone for My Son picture above, I use the technique in My Photoshop Tone eBook


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