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© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Portrait of HaiQal | 50 mm | f/1.8 | ISO 100 | 1/500

Where do I begin, where do I start, it’s so hard to put my thought into words. Lately I was a little bit busy updating and moving my Blog to this new one, my own domain, the reason is simple, I like simplicity  and I like to share my picture in BIG size so people can enjoy it more, maybe some of you will think that I’m crazy, thinking that someone might steal my picture, screen shot it, download it, now it doesn’t matter to me anymore, I just want to share my pictures, if not, I would rather not have a Blog or flickr, I would rather keep my pictures in the hard drive for my own pleasure.

BIG is a BIG things nowadays, I guess many of you especially photographers are familiar with Boston Big Picture , they show their picture in a BIG Way, more impressive than just a small size pictures. We photographers spend quite a lot of our money and times to buy photography equipment and spent hours shooting pictures and in the end why show it in a small size, why don’t show it BIG, so everybody can appreciate it. If you are afraid of somebody might steal your picture, it is better not to have a website at all, keep it to yourself, for your own eyes.

This is just my personal thought, I’ve been using flickr for a few years already and I found out that some pictures work wonder if they are presented in a BIG size and that’s why I’m sharing a BIG size here.

Please forgive me, not all my pictures here in my Blog are in BIG size, some of it, I want to keep it small while others I haven’t change the size just yet, just give me some time to adjust. Most of my blog content here are imported from my old blog so it comes with a small size, I need to deleted and re-upload it again.

About My Son picture above, it is the latest picture of him, taken today Dec 12 2009, my son haven’t taken a bath yet and it’s purely shoot with natural light as usual. For those of you who have a child will understood that taking picture of a child like my son ages, more than two years old is not an easy task, very challenging, will test your patient to the limit, they won’t stay for too long, moving and running here and there, hardly can standstill and shooting wide open aperture with shallow depth of field make it a lot harder to get everything in focus but persistence is the key, never give up, InsyaAllah I won’t give up.

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