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Photographing Children Is Never Easy

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | My Children | Photographing Them Was Never Easy

It may look like they are well behaved but the truth is it is never easy for me to photograph them, I’ve had to do all kind of funny and stupid things to get their attention but even though I did get their attention, it is hard for me to get the reaction that I want. You can see HaiQal the big brother is not looking so happy, maybe after all this years becoming the attention of my lens he  gets bored.

Actually the best place to get our children picture is to let them play on their own, let them busy with their activity but then this one were taken just outside my house, there is a road to the left side of the picture and it is not very safe to let them wandering around. This is just a quick shot to get them together, so they will have something to remember when they grown up.

Despite my busy schedule I still photographing them regularly, it is just that I don’t have much time to update my blog as often as I wanted it to be. Looking back at thousand or maybe hundred thousand of HaiQal picture that I took from the moment of his birth, I’ve no regret, even though I’ve taken hundreds thousand the photograph, I still feel that it is never enough but good enough to bring back some memories, time really flies.

*All of the photographs above were taken with fixed prime lens 50 mm.

Natural Light Portrait | Light And Shadows

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Portrait of My Daughter | Natural Light Photography | Arianna

You don’t really need an expensive studio lighting to get a great portrait. Yes studio lighting has its place but if you are casual photographer, just wanted to take a photograph of your own family, then I think you better learn on how to make full use of natural light. People often asked me, whether I’ve a studio inside my house, while kind of lighting equipment that I use to get a great portrait, whether I’ve used any diffuser or not. The truth is, I don’t have any of it, most of the photographs of my children here on my blog were taken with purely natural light.

What you rely need to know is to understand a little bit about lighting, once you understand it, you will know when a great lighting hit the face of your subject. The photograph of my little daughter were taken using a door light, I mean, she was standing in the doorway, the lighting was quite harsh since it was taken somewhere around 2pm but I get the nice soft light because she was standing under the shade of the porch, where we park our car.

I switch off the light inside my house to make it dark, I don’t want a brighter background, I just wanted to make my daughter face stand out and a brighter background won’t help. It is best to use Spot Meter for this kind of situation but if you use Centre Weight or Matrix Metering, it is best to make it a little bit underexposed so the background will be kept in the dark.Don’t worry about the shadows on your subject face, because for me personally, it is sometimes the shadows that makes the picture and the shadows also play an important role to make your subject stand out, giving it shapes and dimension, rather than flat looking portrait with even lighting.

About the editing, in Photoshop I added a little bit of “Noise” under Filter menu, to have a little bit of “Grain” in the picture, then I blend it with Soft Light blending option and reduce the opacity. I just wanted a subtle of grain in the photograph.

Photojournalism | Mark Rutte | From Amsterdam To Kuala Lumpur

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (R) shakes hands with his Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak as he receives him at the Parliament building in The Hague, the Netherlands, on July 31, 2014.

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (L) and Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak walk during an official visit to discuss the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 in Putrajaya, Malaysia on November 5, 2014.

Just wanted to share with you guys some of the photographs taken at Netherlands Parliament building in The Hague during Malaysia Prime Minister official visit to Netherlands on july 31st and recent picture taken during Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte official visit to Malaysia on 5 November 2014. Different environment, different set up, but my intention here is to show about the environment, hence I chose to use wide angle image here.

I just wanted to share with you a little bit experince during my assignment at the parliament in The Hague, actually a lot of tourist visiting the parliament, they are coming from the left side and the right side of the building,  even though the official ceremony are taking place here, they (the security) clear the area just a few minutes before our Prime Minister najib Razak arrived, actually the tourist still can see the ceremony but from the right side of the picture (not in the photograph). Otherwise they are busy walking here and there where the official car sat on the tarmac.

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | The Hague, Netherlands, A woman cycles with two children on a carrier tricycle past the place where Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will arrive to meet with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on July 31, 2014. Razak is in the Netherlands on a two-day working visit over the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash in Ukraine.

The Hague Parliament building also known as The Binnenhof  is a complex of buildings in the city centre of The Hague, next to the Hofvijver lake. It houses the meeting place of both houses of the States General of the Netherlands, as well as the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Built primarily in the 13th century, the Gothic castle originally functioned as residence of the counts of Holland and became the political centre of the Dutch Republic in 1584. It is counted among the Top 100 Dutch heritage sites. The Binnenhof is the eldest Houses of Parliament on the world and that’s still in use.

When Holland had become part of the Burgundian Empire in 1432, the Binnenhof lost its purpose and was abandoned. Part of the complex was later made into the residence of the stadtholder of Holland, who governed the county in absence of its ruler. After Philip II was deposed as Count of Holland and the Dutch Republic was proclaimed in 1581, the Ridderzaal was initially a public space, often used by traders, stallholders and book sellers. In 1584, stadtholder Maurice moved into the stadtholder’s quarter, and in the same year, the Ridderzaal became the meeting place of the newly formed States General of the Dutch Republic. The expansions of the Binnenhof by Maurice were the beginning of a gradually advancing reconstruction of the castle that ended after the construction of the southern wing under stadtholder William V, in the late 18th century.

Between 1806 and 1810, under French rule, the administrative centre of the Netherlands was moved to Amsterdam, and the Binnenhof became useless and it was considered for demolition. When the Netherlands gained independence from France, however, the government moved back to the Binnenhof. The existence of the building was in danger a second time in 1848, when a new constitution instituted a system of parliamentary democracy and the States General wished to symbolically demolish the old government buildings and build a new complex. The local residents, however, cared more for the historic value of the building, and successfully protested against demolition. (WikiPedia)

After getting some information from the internet about The Hague Parliament building, from Wikipedia and some other source, now I do understand why it became one of tourist attraction in Netherlands. I’ve to say it is really a great building.

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Malaysian Media Team waiting for the arrival of our Prime Minister Najib Razak at the Parliament building in The Hague, Netherlands on July 31, 2014.

Photojournalism | Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte Official Visit To Malaysia

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak (R) shakes hands with the Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte (L) during official welcoming ceremony outside the prime minister’s office in Putrajaya on November 5, 2014. Rutte is on one-day official visit to Malaysia.

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | The Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte inspects a guard of honour mounted by 106 officers and men from the First Battalion Royal Malay Regiment in Dataran Perdana, Putrajaya on November 5, 2014. Rutte is on one-day official visit to Malaysia.

Another busy day at our department today covering the official visit of Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte one day visit to Malaysia. Despite his tight schedule and only one day or to be exact less than twenty-four hour visit, our team of photographers from Department of Information Malaysia (Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia) was busy taking photographs from different venue and then we need to compile all of the photographs and make it into an official album to be delivered to Mark Rutte before he is schedule leaving Malaysia for Australia in the late evening. It is very high risk business, No, I did not mean “business as business” making money but a very high risk responsibility for our team. Luckily we did manage to finish the album at the designated time.

As usual when it comes to covering this kind of official visit by head of states to Malaysia, we work as a team, there is no way one single photographer can cover so many venue alone. It is almost impossible, so usually it take around somewhere five to ten photographers for the job (Not all of them taking photographs, some are busy doing editing, captioning and prepared for the album) but it depends on how many venue or events and how many days the head of state will be visiting Malaysia. Sometimes the head of state also went to East Malaysia like Sabah and Sarawak and we need more manpower for the task.

About the first photographs above where Najib Razak and Mark Rutte shake hands, I did not manage to get a nice frame simply because our Prime Minister Najib Razak was a little bit off to the right from the red carpet. I did try to move to the right so that both of them were in the frame but once I found the right position, both of them went ahead and I’ve to satisfy with the above photograph. We win some, we lose some, that’s life.

© 2014 Muhairul Azman Supian | Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte  is looking at a photo album from Department of Information Malaysia. The photographs were taken by photographers from Department of Information Malaysia during his one day official visit to Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur International Airport before heading for Australia. The album were presented by Malaysia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin (left) and Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri (right) on November 5, 2014.

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